HMDA Membership

We want to provide opportunities for people to become involved in a variety of ways. HMDA has been incorporated as a “non-soliciting” non-profit, meaning that we do not collect membership dues or other forms of revenue at this time. The initial costs have been underwritten by the founder in order to allow time for people to become aware of the issues and gauge their level of interest and engagement.

HMDA has two types of individual membership, and you will be asked which type of membership you want when you sign up:

  1. Core Member: Involves a commitment to active engagement in forwarding the purpose, which would include serving on a committee or undertaking a special initiative in coordination with the Board of Directors or serving as a liaison with another disability advocacy group or professional association. Core Members may participate in the annual general meeting and vote, and shall be eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors. Core Members will receive regular updates as well as the quarterly newsletter.
  2. Supporting Member: Involves being kept informed without committing to active involvement. Supporting Members are not entitled to vote in the annual general meeting. Supporting Members will receive the quarterly Newsletter.

We also offer an Organization Membership to those organizations interested in working collaboratively with HMDA and promoting information about HMD to their members. We offer an opportunity to work with HMDA on issues of education and distance walked as an access issue, and will include such organizations in the monthly Newsletter mailing.

Because there are specific areas of expertise that can be helpful (e.g., urban planners, architects, engineers, educators, health professionals), we invite any interested specialist to apply to be named an Advisory Member (non-voting) of the Board of Directors.

Please join us!